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Public information ogaki January 1, 2018 issue

[January 1, 2018]

[one page]
Of the 100th anniversary of the municipal organization; and to the future
2018 A Happy New Year


[two pages]
The fourth municipal assembly ordinary assembly approves 20 bills including closing revised budget
Application reception desk of 2018, 2019 article preliminary screening of prospective bidders
New Government building construction of city hall began
News of the council
We clean and repair drainage? To suspicious supplier being careful!
For change to the sewer the use of interest supply system
Money of celebration that is a graduate entrance to school for children of single-parent homes
Temporary closing of Sunomata library
We collect only burning garbage in Coming-of-Age Day
We use the Internet and broadcast state of coming-of-age ceremony ceremony live
So that procedure including name change of car hastens!


[three pages]
Plans full of ideas are raised by citizen's group and high school student of the 100th anniversary of the municipal organization
We raise city homepage banner ads!
Ogaki-shi nation protection plan (plan) public comment offer
Recruitment of federation of Ogaki-shi physical education full-time employment temporary workers
Ministry of Defense self-defense official cadet (boy) offer
Offer of place of Oku no Hosomichi end Ogaki "spring Basho festival" prior contributor's haiku work


[four pages]
We perform library service with learning building with air conditioner update of library


[five pages]
Let's live on domiciliation promotion Ogaki
To imminent working support - mind light car the use―


[six pages]
Child ICT course projection mapping course
Information studio PC tablet receives training for February
PC course vocational training center
Learning support supporter training course
Course in ring
Person with a disability working seminar to be useful for working
Gifu University home delivery of cooked foods course
Experience-based note ... of ... me which does not give up human rights enlightenment lecture happiness
Water capital natives gather! New Year New Year holidays festival


[seven pages]
City Elementary School human rights education, learning announcement exhibition
City hall lobby New Year swag
Lecture of the 125th anniversary of Ogaki Chamber of Commerce and Industry foundation
Lecture about dyeing and weaving and overseas activity through braid
Gifu Keizai University society exhibition society
Experience-based classroom made with 100,000 stone bean miso
Ogaki Municipal Hospital cancer salon relief hermitage haiku display
Culture Festival access 29 recommendation concert
Meeting which hears opinion of child
It is conference in empty house anything
The New Year to native district hall
The beauty of the 68th Tadashi Moriya Museum plan exhibition Western Regions


[eight pages]
January 7 2018 New Year's parade of fire brigades
Firefighting commendation announcement
Cultural assets fire drill
Please confirm! Fire alarm for house


[nine pages]
Gender equality forum
It is strike ... in heart of water capital ogaki ♡ matchmaking Valentine party - you
The second pro-power up course
Child care seminar
Cinematograph society
Science experiment work lesson to enjoy in parent and child
e-Tax workshop
Empty house conference
*fu self-care course
Welfare recreation seminar
We challenge world record in folded-paper crane early occasion
Ogaki board of directors New Year OJB school


[ten pages]
Healthy guide


[11 pages]
Classrooms of health center
At the time of disease that medical treatment information for beginning of the year is sudden, what-if including injury…
It is vaccinated extension elderly person influenza until January 31 in inoculation period
Care prevention classroom "we take our ease in season already winter in music"
Municipal hospital adult bronchial asthma classroom
I would like cooperation for street blood donation!


Public information ogaki January 1, 2018 issue

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