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2017 "water capital ogaki ♡ matchmaking" fifth business "strike ~ in heart of Valentine party - you"

[January 22, 2018]

Valentine party

 Brightness action for marriage business "water capital ogaki ♡ matchmaking" to provide place of wonderful encounter to single men and women -.

 This theme "Valentine party."

 Do you not find wonderful encounter while enjoying delicious meal and bowling?

 To meet person destined unseen…Please participate!


 Saturday, February 3, 2018 from 14:00 to 18:15


 Ogaki Forum Hotel (2-31, Mangoku, Ogaki-shi)

Participation qualification

 Single men and women from 25 years old to love water capital Ogaki to 35 years old

Entrance fee

 Man: 5,000 yen woman: 4,000 yen

The offer number of people

 40 (for each 20 men and women) 

Participation application


※Application was finished.


 We have you bring directly, or application except the Internet, please send application to social movement promotion section on the second floor of Ogaki-shi government office (503-8601 2-29, Marunouchi, Ogaki-shi, fax: 81-7800) by mail or fax. You can apply from portable site.

Application period

 Until Monday, December 25, 2017 9:00 - Wednesday, January 17, 2018 17:00 (must arrive) 

  • We give priority to city residence, working and city which had you propose among people who are active in group for the first time or which does not participate more than one year and, in the case of a lot of applications, draw lots
  • Result will inform by mail.


  1. About participation except purpose, purpose of this business, I decline firmly.
  2. We do which had you propose among city residence, working or city which is active in group for the first time or which does not participate more than one year with priority and, in the case of a lot of application, draw lots.
  3. After the participation decision, please deliver entrance fee, but, as a general rule, do not refund after the delivery. On the day, in the case of cancellation, we do not refund either.
  4. About transportation expenses, parking rates to venue, it burdens participant.
  5. On the day please show identification of social position with photograph that identity verification is made (driver's license, passport). We cannot participate other than the person.
  6. We do not use personal information other than the action for marriage business of Motoichi at all.
  7. About accident, trouble except fault of organiser in venue and other place, we do not take responsibility at all.
  8. Please note that you postpone by bad weather or you may cancel.
It is Sui toe properly smoothly

2017 "water capital ogaki ♡ matchmaking" fifth business "Valentine party" participation application

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