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Osamu Nakayama Akasaka hotel Festival <November 5 coverage>

[November 7, 2017]

Autumn post town gorgeously

Line of princess sum shrine and others to parade around former post town

 "Osamu Nakayama Akasaka hotel Festival" was performed in the whole area along Osamu Nakayama around Akasaka Honjin Park on November 5.
 This festival is performed based on historic background where princess sum shrine (only number) married into Tokugawa 14 daishogunka* (we say and have) through Akasaka hotel.
 It is high school student and junior high student of hometown we wear elegant clothes in the body, and to have played the part of Himemiya of two princess sum shrine others. Approximately 80 others court lady and Musha and others reproduced wedding line of princess sum shrine gorgeously.
 Meeting place was full of approximately 35,000 visitors who gathered to watch splendid times picture scroll.


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