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We hold commemorative lecture for person with a disability week

[November 2, 2017]

Towards society where person who does not have person with obstacle is easy to live in together

Person with obstacle feels various uneasiness while we live and lives.

Anyone respects each other's personalities and individuality and removes barrier of heart, and let's make town which everybody can live on smile for.

We start lecture on December 3 in commemoration of person with a disability week of 9th.

We wait for participation of many of you.


It is 3:00 from 1:30 on the afternoon of Saturday, December 9, 2017


Ogaki-shi information studio the fifth floor ink hall (4-35-10, Kono, Ogaki-shi)


Naoya Tsuji (Aichi obstacle forum secretary general)


200 (first-come-first-served basis, participation for free) ※Under participant acceptance


Does Ogaki-shi government office obstacle welfare section obstacle welfare group give telephone (directly Phone: 0584-47-7298) to?

Apply for top page of city homepage from "application, questionnaire".

Specifically, please see attachment handbill.


We value your comments.

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(attention) We would like inquiry that answering needs to post in charge directly (we cannot accept here).


Ogaki-shi Welfare Division obstacle welfare section [the first floor]

Inquiry over telephone is this

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Route according to shimasuheno held at lecture commemorative for person with a disability week

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