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Brightness life town Ogaki 2017, autumn gathering

[November 6, 2017]

 We promote "brightness life town design" to create place that can show ability and individuality of citizen's in culture, sports, the welfare, environment, tree planting, various fields including crime prevention, disaster prevention while keeping local resources of city alive in Ogaki-shi, and to push forward livable town development.

 We hold "gathering in brightness life town Ogaki 2017, autumn" that citizen's everybody can realize self-realization and purpose of life through social participation or local contribution and pushes forward town development that "waiting shines if each one shines" and we shine and plan the spread, enlightenment of life town design.


 Saturday, November 18, 2017, 19th Sunday from 10:00 to 16:00


 Ogaki Castle hall (2-53, Kuruwamachi, Ogaki-shi)

Business summary

Social movement group moving into action in the city shows everyday activity result!

  • Brightness activity introduction       We introduce activity of group by panels
  • Brightness experience studio       Participant can experience activity of group
  • Brightness stage announcement     We announce everyday result of group working on music, dance
  • Corner of brightness food     Corner of eating and drinking to introduce activity of group to
  • Flea market which introduces activity of brightness flea market group

Attention event!

  • Dice game
    One that had you participate in coloring or stamp rally can challenge dice game. We throw three dice, and eyes which appeared present premium with ten points or repdigit in total.
  • Ground golfs in parent and child
    We install 8, Maine hall and experience-based 1 hall in Ogaki Park lawn open space. The staff instructs beginner. Aim; hole in one! (executing the event on a light rainy day)
  • We make can badges in family photograph (pay)
    I take family photograph in venue and I make can badge and hand. We contribute can badge charges (one 100 yen) as contribution of earthquake disaster reconstruction aid.
  • Brightness Grand Prix
    We challenge kuroriti (quoits), mug dart, ladder getter, ground golf, paper airplane tobashi. Premium is presented by one that is high in the fifth kind total score! (only on 19th)
  • Balloon art
    Let's make flower, balloon art of various forms including animal with balloon which everybody loves. (only on 19th. We can take work home with us)
  • We keep up dantaikyo*jigyokatabatsu kidenendo character (association of Japanese clay animation)
    We cut by nendoo die cutting, and let's arrange animal and character. As we use various die cutting, is work more than expected completed? (only on 19th)

Opening ceremony: 18th Saturday from 10:00 to 10:30

 ・Opening attraction appearance
  North kindergartens and nursery schools garden

 ・Opening ceremony host
  Ogaki south High School broadcasting club

Dice game participates by coloring! On the day as for the stamp rally!

 You download coloring of mascot character of "brightness life town design", Sui Sui, Sui toe, and please finish neatly. To child who on the day had completed coloring, you can participate in dice game in venue!

 In addition, we perform Ogaki mascot stamp rally which wonderful present hits with both days! Don't miss it!

Brightness middle age type: 18th Saturday from 13:15 to 15:00

 We hold "brightness middle age type" this year to invite toward city residence to reach 65 years old, and to play an active part for many years in the workplaces, and to appreciate various places of middle age that had social contribute, and to celebrate start of the second life, and to shine, and to support participation in life activity.

Target person

 One (approximately 2,000) born in from April 2, 1952 to April 1, 1953 resident in the city

  • I sent notice toward the object.
  • To those whom we wish to see at seat near stage, we prepare for reserved-seat ticket. On the day I hold in Ogaki Castle hall from 10:00 and hand reserved-seat ticket by visit order toward "gathering of brightness life town Ogaki 2017, autumn" opening ceremony viewing. We confirm notice after ceremony at (about 10:30).
  • When reserved-seat ticket is to for two people of person who had notice and family or friend, we do. In addition, please note that reserved-seat ticket is limited in number.
  • Please note that you show around general one after object entered.


 Opening attraction, "message which we want to convey now" commendation, brightness concert (Gifu Chan radio public live broadcasting)

Ogaki City Kawanami elementary school

 ・Opening attraction appearance
  Ogaki City Kawanami elementary school

We do not love Shigeru Matsuzaki, Nishida

 ・Brightness concert appearance
  We do not love Shigeru Matsuzaki, Nishida



Plan administration

 Brightness life town Ogaki event executive committee


"Brightness life town Ogaki 2017, autumn gathering" flyer

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