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Web reservation reception desks such as cancer screening

[March 30, 2018]

Cancer screening can apply in Web!

If cancer screening is during Web reservation reception desk period, you can apply anytime for 24 hours.

Please confirm "about Web reservation reception desk period" of the lower page by all means.

※Examining cannot apply for received ken (ken) anymore this year.


★Use has "about the next person that we examine, and no consultation charges exemption is targeted for ken" (ken) read, and please advance to application screen.


※ Please read by all means ※
[about ken (ken) person who examines, and is targeted for no consultation charges exemption] 

  As for the person corresponded to in any of the following, ken (ken) *ryo becomes free.

 But stomach cancer risk examination is only person corresponded to (3) (4) (5) as for (3) (4), the adult medical checkup.

(1) Person (ken (ken) person who examined, and became than 70 years old before 1st of no conduct month having a medical examination) 70 years or older
   ※Age is added to way of thinking of target age on the day before on birthday.
   ・Because person born in July 2 reaches 70 years old on July 1, examination of July is free.
   ・As for the person born after July 3, examination of July is charged, and examination from August is free.

(2) Person who examines ken (ken) to receive, and is corresponded to among people younger than 70 years 65 years old or older next before 1st of no conduct month

・Physically Disabled Person's Handbook 1-3 grade, mental patient health welfare notebook 1.2 grade more than nursing notebook B1 person (when is had a medical examination, I would like the presentation of notebook to medical institutions.) you have

(3) Person who belongs to welfare household 1

(4) Person of Chinese residual Japanese 1

(5) Person of municipal tax tax exemption household 1

※It is corresponded to (3) (4) (5) 1, and person of support payment receipt household, please file for welfare beforehand in health center. On procedure, please bring thing to be able to make seal and identity verification including health insurance card into.


[we ask set person of the domain designated reception]

 Reservation completion email after application or news email when reservation day approached arrive from health center (hokensenta ★ Apply after set person being able to receive email from "★", and doing the domain designated reception.
※★Please change this to @.


 Person who had you read is applied for by this ↓





About Web reservation reception desk period

You examine kakuken (ken), and, during no Web reservation reception desk period, please confirm with the next file.

As for the 2018 cancer screening, it is table during Web reservation reception desk period

After Web reservation reception desk period, you can apply at telephone, window.  During reservation reception desk period at telephone, window, you examine kakuken (ken) (there is application capacity separately.), and please confirm in no page.

 ※We can move from the next link.
   ●Examine kakushuken (ken); medical examination (open with window) of ⇒ adult
   Consultation, course, classroom, others (we open with window) of diabetes prevention classroom ⇒ adult

○During Web reservation reception desk period, change or cancellation is possible in web page. We would like change, cancellation after Web reservation reception desk at telephone, window.


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