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It recruits free monitors of prevention of nuisance call apparatus

[November 16, 2017]

  It recruits free monitors of prevention of nuisance call apparatus to prevent damage such as wire fraud or malicious business method in Ogaki-shi.
 This apparatus compiles information of nuisance call collected by the police and the local government, contractor into a database and blocks nuisance call automatically. We can use immediately just to be connected to telephone and phone line. 
  You do not control parent, but please apply by all means as you do not encounter damage such as malicious business methods or can apply from anxious family!

Movement explanation

Monitor period

  From monitor decision to March 31, 2018


  Person who there is resident's card in the city, and uses notice of number service with landline

  ※ Application from family is possible, too

Offer household

  100 (first-come-first-served basis)

Monitor contents

  • You install prevention of small nuisance call apparatus (door fonds) in home telephone and use.
  • City provides apparatus for free and bears use of monthly basis charges 400 yen (tax-excluded) during period.

Application method

  You fill in matter necessary for application, and apply by any of the following method.

When we propose by fax

  See off at town development promotion section fax (0584-81-7800).

When we propose by E-mail

  You attach application, and see to town development promotion section e-mail address (machizukuri ☆

  ※ ☆You change to o @, and send.

When we propose by mail

  〒Send to 503-8601 2-29, Marunouchi, Ogaki-shi town development promotion section.

When we bring directly

  Please bring to town development promotion section (26, Nishinagacho, Ogaki-shi Ogaki-shi staff Hall the second floor).


  • Participation to number indication service that each phone company provides is necessary.
  • Telephone (business fonds extension phones) comprised of extension, the main device is not available.
  • When intercom, door phone, home security system, emergency reporting system are connected to phone line, it may not be available.
  • Telephone services (some 050IP telephones) that we cannot send to from home positive call, 0120 to toll free number to begin are not available.
  • Electricity bill that it costs for the use is charged to user.
  • We cannot prevent all vicious calls by installing this apparatus. Let's always cope with the receipt from number not to know carefully.

After monitor period

  When it continues, and the use is continued after monitor period, you contract with door systems separately and can just use.

  ※ Use of monthly basis charges 400 yen (tax-excluded) is necessary.


  Ogaki-shi government office town development promotion section

  Telephone: 0584-47-8543

Offer handbill, application

Prevention of offer handbill, nuisance call apparatus for free monitor application

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Ogaki-shi brightness life promotion department town development promotion section [Ogaki-shi staff Hall the second floor]

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