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We hold "Mr. brightness citizen training course"!

[November 2, 2017]

Upbringing of Mr. social movement promotion section / brightness citizen >We hold "Mr. brightness citizen training course"!

 We promote "brightness life town design" to create place that can show ability and individuality of citizen's in culture, sports, the welfare, environment, tree planting, various fields including crime prevention, disaster prevention while keeping local resources alive in Ogaki-shi, and to push forward livable town development.

 We hold "lecturer at Ogaki-shi brightness citizen training course" that can wear skills that are necessary as lecturer to have you play an active part as lecturer at citizen while keeping knowledge and experience, technique that citizen's everybody has alive to promote this design still more. Please attend person who wants to play an active part as "Mr. brightness citizen"!

Mr. brightness citizen training course

Target person

 Person who wants to play an active part as Mr. citizen 

 <registration requirements of Mr. citizen> ※Meet all the next requirements

  • Person resident in the city or group which it was those people mainly, and was comprised             
  • Having rich knowledge, experience, technique in specialized field
  • Attending Mr. citizen training course
  • There are the results of course lecturer


 Sunday, November 26, 2017 from 9:15 to 12:20


 Ogaki-shi Sui Topia center learning building the sixth floor brightness activity room 6-2


Mr. brightness citizen training course contents
Time     ContentsLecturer

From 9:15 to 9:20

Opening of a course 

From 9:20 to 10:50

So that course 1 plans attractive course

 We learn how to make, how to make curricula of course title and course introduction sentence.  

Koichi Masukawa

(Mayor of ki*daigakujiikikyogaku center, professor)

From 11:00 to 12:00

So that course 2 wears basics of way of speaking

 We learn speech to get heart of student.

Now tail Hinako

(lecturer at brightness adults' school, lifelong learning coordinator, freelance announcer)

From 12:00 to 12:20

To play an active part as Mr. citizen Social movement promotion section 
12:20Closing a lecture 


 Free of charge


 By Tuesday, November 21, 2017 to telephone, fax or direct social movement promotion section (telephone 0584-47-7184 fax 0584-81-7800)

Mr. brightness citizen training course handbill

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We hold "Mr. brightness citizen training course"! Route according to heno

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