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[November 21, 2017]

29, Heisei nentaryokyokoyojoho


taryokyo is valley where it is chosen "Ibi, Sekigahara, Yoro quasi-national park" to "Ogaki-shi scenery inheritance" "33 selections of Hida Mino colored leaves" "50 selections of famous clear water of Gifu" located at the middle of upper Ishizu area. "Suspension bridge" is built over taryokyomoririnkoen on the way, and promenade is maintained. It becomes beautiful mountain of the fresh green in spring, and many people come by playing in the water in summer. When it is autumn, mountain turns red all at once and can enjoy colored leaves such as maples shining in clear stream closer. The beautiful colored leaves are said to be "Ichinose Arashiyama".

It is the colored leaves situation as of Codium in photograph

We photograph the colored leaves situation of taryokyo and tell in photograph.

Photography period: From about November 1 weekdays (there is day when cannot photograph.of the end of November Thank you for your understanding.)


Shinrinkoen suspension bridge

■Shinrinkoen suspension bridge (it is fine photography at 13:00 on November 21)

The neighborhood of Shinrinkoen parking lot

■Shinrinkoen (it is fine photography at 13:00 on November 21)

The Takehiko Shrine precincts

■The Takehiko Shrine precincts (it is fine photography at 12:00 on November 21)

Around Takehiko Shrine

■Around Takehiko Shrine (it is fine photography at 12:00 on November 21)

It is the colored leaves situation as of Codium by illustration

We tell about the colored leaves situation by illustration.


※As for "the maple," taryokyomoririnkoennai, "broadleaf tree" judge the colored leaves situation in city street of taryokyo.


Fallen leaves begin

Other broadleaf trees

Fallen leaves begin

We sell special product of upper Ishizu area

taryokyomoririnkoenkatsuyo*susumikyogikai sells upper Ishizu area special product.

  • Place : Arbor in front of taryokyomoririnkoen suspension bridge
  • Sale period : From November 15 to 29th
  • Sale time : From 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Access by car

 ※As large car (sightseeing bus) passes a lot at time of colored leaves, please be careful about road safety of taryokyonai enough.

From the Nagoya area:

 We go south to the Yokkaichi area at National highway No. 365 from Meishin Expressway Sekigahara Interchange,
 "Kawanishi" in front of captured go stone Tsu Tunnel on the way intersection (captured go stone Tsu Tunnel this side) to left turn, taryokyo

From the Yokkaichi area:

 After going north at National highway No. 365, and passing green village Park,
 Pass captured go stone Tsu Tunnel, and turn right at "Kawanishi" intersection (captured go stone Tsu Tunnel exit); to taryokyo
  Note: When we turn right at "Shimotara" of the neighborhood of Idemitsu service station intersection (captured go stone Tsu Tunnel this side),
    As cross-purposes with large car are very difficult, please detour at "Kawanishi" intersection.



※ For traffic jam relaxation of taryokyonaidoro, we enter at "Kawanishi" of the captured go stone Tsu Tunnel north side intersection,
   I would like one way to fall out to "Shimotara" of the tunnel south side intersection.

※ As parking on road of taryokyonai causes traffic jam, please stop.
   Parking lot, please use "taryokyomoririnkoen".
   We can park "17" in park parking lot.
   (there is step in way, and low car, large car of vehicle height cannot enter parking lot because width is narrow)

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