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Gather! We hold 30 years old Ogaki-shi three-seconds coming-of-age ceremony!

[January 18, 2018]

Social movement promotion section / three-seconds coming-of-age ceremony > We hold three-seconds coming-of-age ceremony!

 Ten years pass from coming-of-age ceremony, and work, marriage, delivery or human relations repeat much experience in the life and, as event to discover reconfirmation of connection with area, new friend and hope in awareness and adult in true meaning that we took responsibility for targeting at 30 years old that is generation when it is, hold "three-seconds coming-of-age ceremony".
 We perform various events including photograph which SNS to take at talk show by guest, quiz meet in chance getting wonderful premium, joint class reunion while we eat sweets, photo spot shines, and does especially.
 You have application with application form of the lower this page or application, and please participate with classmate and friend casually with your friends.


 Saturday, January 27, 2018 from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. (reception desk: for from 4:00 p.m. to 4:50 p.m.)


 The third floor of the soft peer Japan Center Building sopiahoru (4-1-7, Kagano, Ogaki-shi)




Talk show

 We invite Kazuhiro Wada of former professional baseball player and perform talk show.

Quiz meet

 We answer quiz correctly, and let's get wonderful premium

Joint class reunion while we eat sweets

 Let's enjoy reencounter with old friend and new encounter with sweets!

Photograph which shines, and does knob rou SNS together!

 Let's take photograph which shines, and does SNS in front of photospot together

Activity introduction to begin with 30 years old

 We introduce social movement group playing an active part in hometown. Do you not find place of new activity to 30-year-old knot?

Special guest

Kazuhiro Wada (former professional baseball player)

 We are from Gifu. Former professional baseball player. With Athens Olympics, WBC, we carry the Japanese flag on our back as representative from Japan and play. We achieved 2,000 hits at the oldest in history for `15 years and achieved entering excellent ball society. We are playing an active part in instruction of the Little League now while we are active as baseball commentator.


 30-year-old one (it was born in from April 2, 1987 to April 1, 1988, and Ogaki-shi native place, residence, working and Ogaki-shi like and are interested in Ogaki-shi person with relationship)
 ※Classmate resident in the suburbs is participation OK. Please participate with your friends! 

Entrance fee

 There is free * day care (application required, first-come-first-served basis)

Participation application

 Please spend by mail or fax whether application except the Internet has you bring application directly to Ogaki-shi government office social movement section (503-8601 2-29, Marunouchi, Ogaki-shi, fax 81-7800).


Information for parking lot

※ (1), (2) parking lot is available free.
※ (3)Soft peer Japan Center Building basement parking area becomes pay (until three hours 100 yen).



 When we cancel by bad weather out of necessity, we will tell on homepage

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(attention) We would like inquiry that answering needs to post in charge directly (we cannot accept here).


Ogaki-shi brightness life promotion department social movement promotion section [the second floor of the Ogaki-shi staff Hall]

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Gather! We hold 30 years old Ogaki-shi three-seconds coming-of-age ceremony! Route according to heno

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