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Ogaki-shi opening data

[December 20, 2016]


 We established page of "list of open data".
 We classified open data and became easy to see.
 In addition, we installed search column and became easy to search.


 In late years it is expected by inflection promotion [promotion of open data (※ 1)] of public data that improvement of administrative transparency, reliability, promotion of inhabitants participation, public and private sectors collaboration, efficiency of activation, administration of economy advance by the Trinity.
 In Ogaki-shi, we release various data which city holds as open data. The cause, anyone of use condition are available. Please use.

  1. Use condition
  2. Instructions on using
  3. Open fact sheet
  4. Example introduction
  5. Reference site

※What are 1 opening data?
 It is "data which the second use was released to machine reading on in possible use rule in suitable data form" and says "thing which enables the second use of data without hanging a lot hands".

1.Use condition

 This work is offered under the creative Commons indication 2.1 Japanese license (※ 2).

  • Data publishing in this page come by the use, modification freely.
  • Making of secondary book is possible for the cause by data publishing in this page.
  • Indication of using data of Motoichi is necessary for thing which made data of this page for the cause.

※What are 2 creative Commons licenses?
 It is international non profit organization and generic name of the project providing creative Commons license (CC license). CC license aims at the spread of new copyright rules for the Internet age, and author of various works is tool to declare the intentions, "you may use my work freely if you follow this condition" by oneself.

2.Instructions on using

 When you use data published in this page, please be careful about the following points.

  • When what kind of result occurs by having used open data published in this page, thing that was not available, judgment that user gave based on placed information and action that we woke up, our city does not take the responsibility either.
  • They are caused by these instructions violation of user or rights abuse of third party by user or are related and, about all complaints and request that they occurred, shall solve by expense and responsibility of the user, and our city does not take responsibility at all.
  • All publication information on this page is just information in the point of publication and may perform modifications such as name or contents and deletion, stop of service without announcing previously beforehand.

3.Open fact sheet

4.Example introduction

We introduce example that utilized data.
Title Contents Use data Origin of production
Navigator thyme "evacuation site" of refugesNavitime Japan
Application "G-motty Mobile" in search of local information

List of education culture facilities
List of welfare institutions
List of refuges
List of sightseeing spots
List of morning markets
List of springs

ESRI Japan

Confirmation method of navigator thyme "evacuation site" information

Acquisition of Adobe Reader
Adobe Reader is necessary for reading of PDF file. When the software is not installed, please perform downloading (for free) of Adobe Reader from site of Adobe company.


  • When example can let you introduce in where application was made using data which are released in this page, please contact information Planning Division (Phone: 0584-47-8249, E-mail:

5.Reference site

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