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[September 16, 2011]

 Own 动 hon 译 clothes 务, honchubun of * 页 zeriyomin 营. (简 character)

 Complete original 确 non-constant yoshi*zeriyoji 动 hon 译 system 统获 tokumatohon 译结 ka, reason.

 Original text contents location entrance and exit of day 语 * 页 of in front of yoshi*hon 译结 kakano*hon 译, reason 请 living-in-; basis 础 joriyohon** of enough understanding 这 one point.

Automatic translation (Chinese simplified Chinese character)

 mopejizeriyomin*matojidohon*fukumuhon*narichubummato. (han*ji)

 yoshi*zeriyojidohon*kakaritokakutokumatohon*ketsuka, reason non-constant perfection are accurate.

 yoshi*hon*ketsukakano*hon*zemmatonichigomopejimatoharabun 內 yoyushodenyu, shoiseizaijufunrikai*ichi*matokisojoriyohommopeji.

Automatic translation (Chinese Chinese Traditional)

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