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About electronic report [eLTAX (L tax)]

[December 14, 2009]

About electronic reports of city tax [eLTAX (L tax): local rates portal system]

 In Ogaki-shi, we introduced portal system (eLTAX) of local rates from December 14, 2009. In this way, we can file for report about city tax to have you submit to Motoichi or report electronic about style that is predetermined among application, reports or electronic application, report.

With local rates portal system (eLTAX)

 Local rates portal system (eLTAX) is system which can perform procedure of local rates through the Internet electronically and local rates computerization meeting (local rates portal center) to organize in local public entity manages and runs.

Available items of taxation, main style

Style that is targeted for 1 electron report

(1) Personal municipal tax, prefectural tax (special collection)

  • Salary payment report (statement according to generalization list, individual)
  • Public pensions payment report (statement according to generalization list, individual)
  • Salaried employee transfer notification form which affects salary payment report, special collection
  • Reshuffling notification form to special collection to affect earned income
  • Delivery report which affects retirement income   
  • Withholding slip, special collection vote of retirement income earner

(2) Corporation municipal tax

  • The middle, decision, modified report
  • Planned report
  • seisanjigyonendoyo*sarutsugesho
  • zanyozaisanfunhaiyo*, settlement decision report
  • Per capita rate report
  • Statement about the division of standard of assessment
  • Statements about calculation of the amount of per capita rate

(3) Property tax (depreciable assets)

  • Depreciable assets report (depreciable assets tax roll)
  • Statement (for increase assets, all assets) according to kind
  • Statement (for decrease assets) according to kind

Style that is targeted for 2 electron application, report

  • The location, name change notification form of person of special collection duty to affect earned income
  • Office establishment reports such as corporations
  • Transfer change reports such as corporations

At first report of the use is necessary to use eLTAX

About procedures such as use report or electronic report, please access homepage of eLTAX.

 In time when electronic reports are possible using eLTAX, it is from 8:30 a.m. on weekdays to 9:00 p.m. But it is excluded during until January 3 in the next year from December 29.


◆   About the way of procedure and operation about eLTAX,

eLTAX homepage


Local rates portal system (eLTAX) Help Desk

Telephone: 0570-081459

To (with IP telephone in the case of the use 045-759-3931)

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