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Ogaki-shi city planning reporting service

[April 27, 2016]

Ogaki-shi city planning reporting service

 This service provides city planning information such as use of land regulation of restricted zones in Ogaki-shi using "prefecture area unification type GIS system" which Gifu construction research center applies. Please use after having agreed to the next use condition.

 ※In addition, we are absolutely sure in contents of this service, but hope that we hear from to city City Planning Division if there are aware points.

The point of information

  • Ogaki-shi city planning orthodox topographic maps based on aerial photograph of topographical map, August, 2013 shooting

  • At administration world information, October 31, 2009

  • At city planning decision information, January 5, 2018

  • At buried cultural property soil information, June, 2009 to enclose

  • At sewer processing area information, end of March, 2017

Use condition

  1.  This service does not prove content of city planning information and others. In addition, please use displayed map information as figure of reference that showed outline position to include error in making of in precision of map and data. In addition, as for topographical map, map precision a one-2500th of city planning related information, Sunomata, captured go stone Tsu area is a one-25,000th about buried cultural property ground information to enclose a one-5000th Ogaki area.  
  2.  Map information to offer by this service does not show border of land. When you need growing thing of right and duty, document of business and correct information including thing doing, please confirm by all means at City Planning Division window (the second floor of east Government building). In addition, please assume water service department sewer section (main government building the third floor) window about information of buried cultural property about Ogaki-shi Board of Education Cultural Promotion Division (the third floor of north Government building), sewer service area.
  3.  Copyright about city planning or other information belongs to Ogaki-shi displayed topographical map. In addition, copyright of space information data of the buried cultural property ground to enclose belongs to Gifu.
  4.  Information to offer by this service is not all of city planning and information about use of land regulation. Please use displayed contents after confirmation well.
  5.  This service may change a part of the contents or all without notice. In addition, we may stop a part of the service or all temporarily.
  6.  Ogaki-shi and Gifu do not take responsibility for all about any damage including the damage of intangibles such as direct or indirect loss about contents of this service, the damage and loss of program in information system or data.
  7. Please offer PC which the following specifications and browser were installed in to use prefecture area unification type GIS.

     [movement environment]
      CPU: More than Intel Core processor equivalency 
      Memory: More than 2GB 
      The OS: More than Windows XP SP3 more than (recommendation) Windows Vista SP2 (32bit,64bit)
      Browser: More than InternetExplorer6 SP3 more than Firefox3.5

    ※When version of browser is not filled as above, we may not work normally. You upgrade version of browser, and please use on this occasion.

   Do you agree all to the use condition mentioned above?

                                 We agree (we open with window)             We do not agree

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Ogaki-shi city Planning Department City Planning Division [the second floor of east Government building]

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