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Information for Tadashi Moriya Museum plan exhibition "Ogaki walk" holding

[May 15, 2018]

The 70th plan exhibition "Ogaki walk"

We display mainly on work and work about summer which featured the theme of Basho including series face of fan Basho whom we are born in scenery of hometown Ogaki and Funamachi related to Basho, and Moriya who got close to haiku since childhood dealt with.

・Exhibition period 
  From Saturday, May 19, 2018 to Sunday, July 8

・Closed days
Every Tuesday

・Main display work
  ≪It is Chiyo woman of << five colors of liquor of memory >> << Kaga house >> << accommodation of bush clover >> with oldness << Sarashina >> << Musashi on one day >>≫
  ≪It is << face of fan Basho >> others Sumiyoshi lighthouse >> << Ogaki Castle >> << kitchen of house of grandmother >> << house of Nishimi ancestors of a family mother >>

・Display commentary
  Saturday, May 19, 20th Sunday 2:00 p.m. ...

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The 71st plan exhibition "draws woman"

We display mainly on sketching and sketch about historical painting and woman doing woman whom Moriya said to be the first person of historical painting in Heisei from the Showa era described with main character of story.

・Exhibition period 
  From Saturday, July 21, 2018 to September 17 Monday (holiday)

・Closed days
Every Tuesday, Monday, August 13

・Main display work
  ≪It is love of << Chieko and Kotaro >> << mermaid six steps of-like >> << redeeming road to the Pure Land between the river and the fire >> << party of month >> << court musician of Tenpyo >> in Vienna≫
  ≪Summer day >> << cool breeze >> others

・Display commentary
  Saturday, July 21, 22nd Sunday 2:00 p.m. ...

Exhibition guidance of 2018

Information for 2018 display plan

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