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Information for Tadashi Moriya Museum temporary exhibition "youth, summer of Moriya" holding

[November 3, 2017]

Temporary exhibition "youth, summer of Moriya"

We want to be painter and become a disciple of teacher, Seison Maeda at 17 years old and display mainly on work until in the studying in Italy times when it is over and has the heart's desire realized and realized 40 years old from the youth when we learned from Tokyo Bijutsu school.

In addition, we support for "education, culture week" on "day to learn Gifu - oldness" on Sunday on - 5th on November 3 (celebration, money), and admission charges are free.

・Exhibition period 
  From Saturday, October 7, 2017 to Sunday, December 10
  ※It becomes the opening after opening type of 11:00 on Saturday, October 7.

・Closed days
On every Tuesday, it is Friday for 24 days on Monday, November 6 on Wednesday, October 11

・Main display work
  ≪It is window of << Angelico Ikuta Atsumori >> << young Tenshin Okakura of Paris >> << Yukichi Fukuzawa of the Potomac banks of a river >> << in Vienna six steps of-like >>≫
  ≪We sketch << sketching in Italy >> << flower >> << Netherlands New Year holidays >> << umpire of Paris >> << Greek pot >> for Netherlands New Year holidays≫
  ≪Other than navy sketching >> sketching of school days

・Display commentary
  On Saturday, October 7 from each 8th Sunday 2:00 p.m.

Story cut The Moon Princess

It is six steps of-like in Vienna

Young Tenshin Okakura of Paris

Party of month

Temporary exhibition leaf (table)

Temporary exhibition leaf (the back)

Next guidance

The plan painting exhibition "beauty of the Western Regions"

We introduce work about ancient Chinese historical novel and work about Japanese Manyo-shu Era.

・Exhibition period 
  From Saturday, January 6, 2018 to Sunday, March 11

・Closed days
On every Tuesday, it is Wednesday, February 14 on Wednesday, January 10

・Main display work
  ≪Legend >> << description of Botan light >> of cocoon << play water >> << surpass diva >> << condolences mistake (the Emperor Jitou)≫
  ≪Prince Shotoku >> << sketching in China >> << Nara sketching >> others of young day

Story cut The Moon Princess

Legend of cocoon

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