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Information for Tadashi Moriya Museum plan exhibition "beauty of the Western Regions" holding

[January 6, 2018]

The plan exhibition "beauty of the Western Regions"

By this plan exhibition, we introduce mainly on China which brought influence in the Japanese history and culture and work which we described in under the theme of the Western Regions. Moriya described story of ancient women who lived in Chinese legend and far-off Silk Road by deep profound knowledge to classic and original screen constitution and interpretation magnificently.

・Exhibition period 
  From Saturday, January 6, 2018 to Sunday, March 11

・Closed days
Every Tuesday, Wednesday, January 10, Wednesday, February 14

・Main display work
  ≪It is << condolences hyper(Emperor Jitou) >> << Yang four daughter legend >> << description of Botan light >> of cocoon << we play water >> << we surpass diva >>≫
  ≪It is others Princess great chart below Hu >> <<) to yearn to large chart below sand in ring ru (roran >> << in of large chart below flower characteristics >> << the hundred poems of a hundred poets >>

・Display commentary
  Saturday, January 6, 7th Sunday 2:00 p.m. ...

Story cut The Moon Princess

Legend of cocoon

Next guidance

Plan exhibition "party of flower"

It is plan exhibition of flower which Moriya loves and continued drawing. From rough sketch of exact flower at the time of Seison Maeda guide, we introduce mainly on flowers full of atmosphere described in everyday sketching, The Tale of Genji and face of fan Basho about flower which we met by walk of home garden and hills and fields.

・Exhibition period 
  From Saturday, March 17, 2018 to Sunday, May 13

・Closed days
Every Tuesday (opened on Tuesday, April 3), Thursday, March 22, Wednesday, May 2, 7th Friday

・Main display work
  ≪It is << dynasty >> << Hida resting dragon cherry tree disordered hair (Akiko Yosano) >> << preferably >> << flower Genji >> << bonfire >>≫
  ≪It is << flower sketching >> others vague >> << The Tale of Genji >> << face of fan Basho >> << flower rough sketch >>

・Display commentary
  Saturday, March 17, 18th Sunday 2:00 p.m. ...

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