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[July 31, 2018]

What is Ogaki-shi unification type GIS?

 GIS is abbreviation of Geographic Information Systems and is translated as geographical information system. We display various information and images on digitized map and are system which we can publish. In Ogaki-shi, we utilize prefecture area unification type GIS where Gifu oldness and geography information center started operation in April, 2006 and push forward construction of Ogaki-shi unification type GIS. In this way, we promote active reporting to citizen's all of you.

What is made in Ogaki-shi unification type GIS?

When we want desired information, we search quickly
  For example, search by keywords is possible when name and address of facility which we want to check are vague. In addition, we can obtain more detailed information because link to homepage is possible.

We utilize visual effect to the maximum
  Reporting that made use of visual effect by using map is enabled. In addition, we come to be able to provide information that was hard to come by letter more clearly because we can publish photographs.

Ogaki-shi unification type GIS precautions matter

  • Displayed map and each space content do not show proprietary rights and borders such as land buildings. In addition, about presence, indication point, range, shape of indication, please understand that there is difference with the current situation beforehand.

  • Because we do not guarantee complete accuracy, certainty of offer data, we cannot use as thing and other documents proving content.

  • Please confirm growing thing of right and duty, document of business and important information including thing doing by all means at window of department in charge.

  • Ogaki-shi does not take all responsibility about direct or indirect loss, damage to occur by the use of various maps under any circumstance.

  • Please offer mobile terminals such as PC or smartphone which the following specifications and browser were installed in to use prefecture area unification type GIS.
      CPU   :More than Intel Core i3 processor equivalency
      Memory   :In the case of 32bitOS more than 3GB in the case of 64bitOS more than 4GB
      The OS    : Windows Vista SP2 (32bit, 64bit), Windows 7 SP1 (32bit, 64bit),
             Windows 8 (32bit, 64bit), Windows 8.1 (32bit, 64bit),
             Mac OS after 10.6
      Browser :After InternetExplorer 8-11, Firefox 35.x after Safari after 7.0, Google Chrome 43.x
     [mobile terminal]
      The OS    : iOS 7.0.4, 8.3, Android 4.4.2, 5.0
      Browser :After Firefox 35.x after Safari after 7.0, Google Chrome 43.x
    ※When version of browser is not filled as above, we do not do complete movement or may not work.
      You upgrade version of browser, and please use on this occasion.
    ※Even PCs less than the specifications mentioned above are available, but movement speed may become slow.
List of Ogaki-shi unification type GIS maps
Program (publication information) of map Indication layer Department in charge
■Public toilet map  
It is map to introduce public toilet in Ogaki-shi to.◇Public toilet mapPlease ask each facility.
AED setting place map  
It is map to introduce facility where AED in Ogaki-shi is installed in to.◇AED setting placeHealth center
Disaster prevention map  
It is map introducing prediction of size and liquefaction degree of risk of shaking in "Nankai Trough giant earthquake" and "Yoro - Kuwana -4 days City fault zone earthquake" told to have a particularly big influence in Motoichi area, refuge information in the city, disaster prevention-related information in Ogaki-shi including inundation area in past disaster to.◇Nankai Trough giant earthquake earthquake vibration
◇Nankai Trough giant earthquake liquefaction
◇Yoro - Kuwana -4 days city fault zone earthquake earthquake vibration
◇Yoro - Kuwana -4 days city fault zone earthquake liquefaction
◇Base refuge
◇Safety evacuation area
◇The emergency broadcast system outdoors amplification child station (speaker)
◇Inundation results area 9.12 heavy rain disaster (September 12, 1976)
◇Inundation results area typhoon 6 (July 10, 2002)
◇Inundation results area typhoon 23 (October 20, 2004)
Community Safety Section
Extension: 429
Figure of Ogaki-shi city planning  
We introduce information in Ogaki-shi about city planning.◇Area designated for urbanization
◇Controlled urbanization zone
◇Use of altitude district
◇Restricted zones
◇Specific use district
◇City planning road
◇City planning road center
◇City planning road name
◇Areas such as municipal facilities
◇Fire prevention / associate firebreak zone
◇Building Standard Act Article 22 area
◇City planning area
◇District maintenance plan area
◇City planning road
◇Urban District Redevelopment Project area
◇Land readjustment project area
◇Parking lot maintenance district
◇The buried cultural property ground to enclose
◇Sewer processing area
◇The city planning area outside
◇Ogaki-shi governorate
City Planning Division
Extension: 666,669
Nursery school, kindergartens and nursery schools garden, kindergarten map  
We introduce nursery school in Ogaki-shi, kindergartens and nursery schools garden, kindergarten by public private division. We publish address, phone number, fax number.◇Public nursery school
◇Public kindergartens and nursery schools garden
◇Public kindergarten
◇Private nursery school
◇Private kindergartens and nursery schools garden
◇Private nursery school
Child care support section
Extension: 499
Child care support facility map  
We introduce facility supporting child care in Ogaki-shi. On the date, we publish held time, contact information and closed days.◇Child care support mapChild care support section
Extension: 499
Care insurance service company map  
We introduce care insurance service offer company in Ogaki-shi. We publish address, contact information, offer service.◇Home care support office
◇Care for the elder welfare institution
◇Care for the elder healthcare facility
◇Care medical treatment model medical facilities
◇Dementia-response cohabitation care
◇Specific facility resident life care
◇Home service
◇Community-based service
◇Care preventive service
Old care section
Extension: 356
Welfare (person with a disability, elderly person) facility, office map  
We introduce facility, office of person with a disability in Ogaki-shi and elderly person. We publish name, the location, phone number, fax number of facility (office).◇Mentally-disabled person rehabilitation facilities
◇Mentally-disabled person providing work facility
◇Authority of mentally-disabled person small scale place providing work facility
◇Group home care home (person with a disability)
◇Person with a physical disability consultation support office
◇People experiencing disability small scale placement business facility
◇Mentally-disabled person consultation support office
◇Home care office (person with a disability)
◇Child day service office (person with a disability)
◇Day service office (person with a disability) of passing
◇Short-term entrance office (person with a disability)
◇Day service, short-term entrance office (person with a disability) of passing
◇Mental patient life training facility
◇Mental patient area life support center, consultation support office
◇Mental patient small scale work place
◇Psychiatry daycare facility
◇In the daytime temporary support office
◇Moving support service office (person with a disability)
◇Elderly person welfare institution
Social welfare section
Extension: 473

Old care section
Extension: 488
Sightseeing in Ogaki-shi map  
It is map to introduce sightseeing spot, famous place in Ogaki-shi to. For transportation, opening time, we publish admission.◇Sightseeing mapPlease ask each facility.
Ogaki-shi morning market map  
It is map to introduce morning market held in Ogaki-shi to. We digitized "morning market map" which we made in agriculture and forestry section. For holding place, period (time), we publish characteristic of morning market.◇Ogaki-shi morning market
◇Commercial and industrial meeting morning market
◇Wide area morning market
Agriculture and forestry section
Extension: 523
Public facilities map  
It is map to introduce public facilities in Ogaki-shi to. We place information such as address, closed days.◇Public office (city connection)
◇Public office (prefecture, country connection)
◇Welfare institution
◇Health, medical facilities
◇Living environment facility
◇Education, culture facility
◇Sports facility
Please ask each facility.
Ogaki-shi ni grade bench mark reporting map  
We display position of the second grade bench mark in Ogaki area that Ogaki-shi manages (in Ogaki-shi except Sunomata area and upper Ishizu area). ◇Bench markRiver improvement section
Extension: 632-635
Figure of outdoor advertising matter regulation summary  
It is map to introduce regulation area of outdoor advertising matter in Ogaki-shi to.◇Permission area (other areas)
◇Permission area (road and area, the restricted zone outside that the governor appoints by rail)
◇Permission area (road and area, the restricted zone that the governor appoints by rail)
◇Prohibition area (road and area that the governor appoints by rail)
◇Prohibition area (Natural Environment Protection Act)
◇Prohibition area (first class low-rise building exclusive residential district)
◇Prohibition area (the second kind low-rise building exclusive residential district)
◇Prohibition area (Cultural Properties Protection Act)
City Planning Division
Extension: 667, 669
■Ogaki-shi sewer account book information  
We place sewer account book information of Ogaki-shi.

◇Sewer account book
◇Sewer processing area
◇Use of sewer possibility area

Sewer section
Extension: 591,592
■Polling place map
We place information about polling place in Ogaki-shi.◇Polling placeElection Administration Commission Secretariat
Extension: 319
※In GIS, we can register various information every kind (division). "Layer" means meeting of information registered every this kind. We can let you display only information that is necessary by making unnecessary layer non-indication.


  We introduce page of prefecture area unification type GIS. We can make own map when we register.

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