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About prevention of freeze of water pipe

[February 8, 2018]

Water does not flow by outdoor faucet and water pipe freezing when it is winter and has accidents such as explosion, crazing of faucet and water pipe.
You confirm position that does not make water still in water meter box of home beforehand not to be in trouble in the case of emergency, and you close still water seno, and please confirm that tap water stops surely.                                                                                      We are careful about the next points, and let's prevent freeze and explosion of water pipe.

◎To prevent freeze
You wind heat insulator, cloth around outdoor water pipe and faucet becoming bare and wrap from bottom the top with plastic tape from the top, and prevent air cold directly from hitting.

◎When we freeze, and water does not flow
You wrap part which froze in towels, and please sprinkle tepid water slowly from the top. As you may explode when you sprinkle boiling water directly, please be careful.

◎When it exploded
At first you close (the meter box) that does not make water still, and you wind up cloth or tape, and please take an emergency measure for part which exploded. Please ask Ogaki-shi designation water supply equipment construction company for repair afterwards.

◎Measures of empty house                                                                                           Damage of water leak might spread without noticing explosion of water pipe in empty house. About house which does not use water supply, please close still water seno beforehand.

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Route according to freeze prevention nitsuiteheno of water pipe

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