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When beginning to use such as water supply cancels

[December 15, 2014]

Application procedure is necessary so that cancellation (stop) is done beginning to use such as water supply with moving. Please inform customer exclusive telephone (0584-71-8848) of city water rates. Reception hours is until from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, from December 29 to January 3 are excluded)                                                                                                                                             In addition, application for cancellation is possible on the Internet beginning to use such as water supply (three business days later - one month later). After checking Terms of Use of the lower this page, you have you click link to page for exclusive use of application, and apply.


Page [the outside] for exclusive use of Ogaki-shi water and sewage beginning to use and cancellation application

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(administration: Ogaki-shi water rates duties trustee veoria jienettsu)


◎Case which needs application for beginning to use, cancellation such as water supply

●[to Ogaki-shi] When it was moved (beginning to use such as water supply)

●[from Ogaki-shi] When it is moved (we stop use of water supply)

●[in Ogaki-shi] When it is moved to (we stop use of water supply and start)

●When water supply and the sewer are not used for a long term (they stop use of water supply)


[water supply beginning to use, cancellation Internet application Terms of Use]

・Application in period (only on weekdays) until - one month later is possible three business days on scheduled beginning to use, cancellation date later. In the case of dispatch, please inform customer exclusive telephone (0584-71-8848) of city water rates in business hours.

・Change, cancellation of application contents by the Internet is not possible in principle. Please contact over telephone by all means.

・Information (address, article name, room number) of article to use is necessary for application. Please apply after confirmation by all means.

・Input of contact information phone number (number that is available for notification in business hours on weekdays) is necessary for application. Please confirm phone number of applicant or user.

・We boil telephone of confirmation of application contents for less than three business days. After the confirmation over telephone, it becomes establishment of application. (when telephone does not go beginning to use, cancellation please note that you may not work)

・Customer stopping supply of customer and water supply with nonpayment such as rates cannot accept application on the Internet. Come to waterworks section window of notification on the telephone.


As for reference city water rates, it is customer exclusive telephone 0584-71-8848

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Route according to beginning to use, cancellation surutokihaheno such as water supply

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