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Ogaki sunflower field

[August 24, 2018]

Ogaki sunflower field 2018 (Tairamachi)

Under the influence of typhoon 20, as for the sunflower, most of lodge.

About sunflower field night light up that we planned until Sunday on 26th,

We have to cancel.

Summary (Tairamachi) of 2018
Sponsorship Ogaki sunflower field executive committee, flat farming association
 Place Ichidairacho, Ogaki grounds (the neighborhood of 955-1, Higashimaecho)

 Approximately 2.7 hectares

 The number Approximately 120,000
 Kind Hybrid sunflower

 Seeding        The first June 12                                                                                                      The second June 22

 In full bloom (plan)       The mid-August and early September

 Make karito; the time (plan) middle of September

Traffic (car)

From Meishin Expressway Ogaki IC, it is approximately 15 minutes via Route 258, prefectural road Route 50

955-1, Higashimaecho, Ogaki-shi
※Direct inquiry prohibits strictly

Traffic (the community)

Meihan Expressway Kintetsu bus Hashima Line "immediate ko" getting off is approximately 8 minutes on foot from JR Tokaido Main Line Ogaki Station

Tairamachi (flyer)

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