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Sunomata single night castle (Sunomata, Ogaki-shi history museum)

[April 5, 2018]

Sunomata single night castle

Photograph of Sunomata single night castle (Sunomata history museum)

 Sunomata single night castle to be informed when Tokichiro Kinoshita (nochino Hideyoshi Toyotomi) built overnight in 1566 (Eiroku 9). On the site of castle, castle (history museum) was opened not castle such as fort at the time in April, 1991 in Sunomata single night when we fixed appearance of castle castle tower.
 About historical fact, we knew summary with description of father of the Imperial adviser and fragmentary document, but, from the Maenos ancient documents handed down to old family of Konan-shi, Aichi in 1977, valuable document about castle was introduced in Sunomata single night, and the total picture became clear.
 You do with display constitution around way which Sunomata construction of a castle and Hideyoshi walked based on this document in castle (history museum) in Sunomata single night and come to be able to utilize widely as place of learning about father of the Imperial adviser, Hideyoshi.


 1742-1, Sunomatachosunomata, Ogaki-shi



Opening time

 From 9:00 to 17:00 (in the admission reception desk until 16:30)

Closed days

  • On Monday (when the day is holiday the next day) ※And it is temporary opening existence at the time of cherry tree full bloom (the late March and early April) during Sakura Festival period
  • The next day (when we do with the day after next when the day is Sunday, and the the next day day hits on Saturday when the day hits on Monday in the next week on Tuesday) on holiday
  • The year-end and New Year holidays (from December 29 January 3)

Admission charges

  • General 200 yen (more than 20 groups 150 yen)
  • Under 18 years old for free (including during first March 31 after day to reach 18 years old)
  • Caregiver of the owner of certificate of the physically disabled, nursing notebook and mental patient health welfare notebook and the owner concerned is free.                                         ※Please show notebook at the time of admission.



 It is getting off, a 12-minute walk to to Meihan Expressway Kintetsu bus Gifu Shotoku Gakuen University of the departure in ride, "Sunomata" from JR Ogaki Station south exit second platform
 It is getting off, a 12-minute walk to to Gifu bus Sunomata of the departure in ride, terminal "Sunomata" from JR Gifu Station sixth platform, Meitetsu-Gifu Station first platform

 It is 20 minutes from Meishin Expressway Gifuhashima Interchange
 It is 30 minutes from Meishin Expressway Ogaki Interchange

Sunomata single night castle (Sunomata, Ogaki-shi history museum) outskirts map

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