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We announce result of public comment

[September 28, 2017]

Ogaki-shi public comment system (system to ask about opinion of citizen's everybody)

 When we devise basic policies of city, we publish the plan and other necessary matters beforehand, and public comment system decides policy or the regulations in reference to opinion from citizen's and is system to announce opinion and way of thinking of city put by.

 As you install in window, Municipal Information Counter of department in charge, city homepage, local office, Service Center and district center about document and statement of position about item during public comment offer, please put opinion from by all means.

  They carry out public comment, and policies announcing result are as follows. 
Policies that announce result
NumberNames such as policiesOffer periodReference
1Yoro Line traffic block area community transportation network formation plan (draft)From July 3, 2017 to July 31, 2017Community Safety Section



                          For conduct before 28




We value your comments.

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