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  • With drama "Gifu in iju"

    With drama "Gifu in iju"

    Under the theme of emigration to Gifu, it is community-based emigration promotion drama which local resident and people who were actually emigrated to appear on.

  • ogaki future festival

    ogaki future festival

    We can fully enjoy on 3D X 3D projection mapping, beetle type huge robot, dinosaur robot Jura chic land, 1st including character show in bandstand.

  • 2018 is the Ogaki municipal organization 100th anniversary

    2018 is the Ogaki municipal organization 100th anniversary

    We are born on April 1, 1918 (Taisho 7), and Ogaki-shi reaches the municipal organization 100th anniversary this year. We develop various business that we can celebrate with citizen's everybody.

  • Place of Oku no Hosomichi end Ogaki

    Place of Oku no Hosomichi end

    Ogaki-shi is the ground of end that haiku poet, Basho Matsuo finished trip of "Oku no Hosomichi". We can enjoy the ground Memorial of Funamachi Port sign and Oku no Hosomichi end that the history and culture breathe.

  • Ogaki-shi emigration, domiciliation portal

    Ogaki-shi emigration, domiciliation portal

    We introduce charm of information and Ogaki such as merit "relief" "to enjoy" "education" "to work" "to live" "emigration support" when we make child care in Ogaki-shi.

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Mayor room Ogaki Bin Ogawa of the mayor

Municipal assembly

Information for each section

Site of the 100th anniversary of Ogaki municipal organization

Under new Government building construction, symbol monument citizen questionnaire conduct


Album of memory

Common question and answer

Opinion, suggestion

Public comment

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Cancer screening reservation system

The number of population, the households

  • A population of 161,561 people
  • 65,815 households of households
  • 78,751 men
  • 82,810 women

[as of September 30, 2018]

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